Literally in a moment you can increase your ROI.

First, make sure that everything is configured correctly:
⚠ To reduce the likelihood of a ban, we recommend using local WHITE_PAGE (page located on your website)! If you still want to use the current settings, click here to check the WHITE_PAGE.
✔ OFFER_PAGE - ok. Click to check the OFFER_PAGE.
⚠ You may not see the offer if you are using VPN/proxy/developer_extensions/privacy_plugins/antidetect_browsers or other security tools during the setup process. Use standart browser and local/WiFi/mobile coonection to check offer page

✔ Geo filtering is turned on. All countries except MY will get white page. You can change two-letters country codes of allowed countries at the line #35

Click here to open the statistics page. Bookmark it for future reference.

Excellent. Setup completed.
In the future, you can use this file for any number of domains. There is no need to repeat this process on this hosting.

Last step:
If everything works without errors, turn off the DEBUG_MODE by changing the value in line #28 to off.

After that, the script will start working in production mode and instead of this page you will see offer page or white page (depends on settings).


Do you need more information on how to make the right white page? Contact us in telegram: @HideClick.